Why Use Our Shed Base System?

There are many benefits to using our shed base:

  • No site levelling required
  • No concrete base needed
  • Save hours on labour
  • Can be fully installed in minutes
  • Perfect for sloping sites
  • Allows constant airflow underneath your building, preventing wooden frames rotting
  • Constant airflow eliminates condensation on metal structures
  • Adds years to the life of your decking, shed or garden building
  • Ideal for damp ground - Our system raises your structure from the ground with no compromise to strength or stability
  • Eco friendly
  • Perfect for either the DIY enthusiast or professional builder
  • Can be used without disruption to objects under the ground (Cables, pipes etc)
  • Simple to move your base
  • Fully adjustable foot system
  • Manufactured in the UK at our Lancashire factory (patent pending no.13052568)


Some of our competitors advocate balancing your shed/decking on concrete blocks

Our Shed Base System

Our patent pending shed bases are designed to support decking or shed frames from all major manufacturers, with our base feet fitting a variety of wooden and steel frames.

Suitable for pros and DIY enthusiasts alike, our new unique base design will allow you to have your base in place in minutes and reduce concrete costs by up to 95%!

Our base offers a number of UNIQUE advantages:

  • Eco friendly
  • No rotting
  • Natural displacement of water under the base, into the soil
  • As good as any other eco system on the market

All our timber is produced in FSC certified forests and is tanalised.

About Us

Shed Bases is a well established family run business with a brand new patent pending design brought to the market.

Manufactured in the U.K. using local stockists for materials, our unique Trayner Foot System is designed to reduce labour and materials cost.

It's fast, simple and effective - and guaranteed to extend the lifetime of your shed or decking.

No site levelling is required, no expensive concrete bases and no back breaking labour.

This system can be installed within 1 hour for little cost and is the cheapest, quickest, and by far the easiest to install on the market.

TFS can be used on virtually any uneven or rough terrain.

We do not supply the wooden frame but you can purchase the wood from your local builders' merchant at approx £2.00 per linear mtr.

Please read our terms and conditions before making a purchase.